Why I Am Not Going To Play The Lottery Any More

Ok, so when I thought about starting this blog I initially thought that reviews, deals and discounts would be good information to share with everybody, I still do. So why am I now writing about the UK lottery?
Well, I am interested in saving, and helping others to save money where ever they can. So I guess I am just going to have to expand the tag-line of this blog to include  ……and other stuff. lottery_balls
I have been playing the UK lottery on and off since it started in 1994. Do you remember Noel Edmunds hosting the first show? (I’m showing my age now!) There have been many changes over the years, they changed the name to Lotto (I still can’t get used to that), then they increased the ticket price to £2 and now they have increased the number of balls giving odds of 45 million to one of winning the jackpot.
Over the years I have won less than £200 overall and estimate that I must have spent somewhere between £1000 – 2000. This got me thinking, is it really worth playing? Like a lot of people out there I have never had great surpluses of cash and had to work hard for every penny, there have been times when I have been downright broke! But like everybody, I have dreamed of getting a win that is big enough to make a significant lifestyle change, quitting the day job etc.
At one time I used to teach Maths (yes, that it maths for you American readers, it is not called Math) so I decided to approach my decision logically. I would not presume a big win but just crunch the numbers for a small win and see how it came out……… It came out like this:

To calculate the chances of matching 4 numbers, which typically wins approximately £100 = 1 in (49/6)*(48/5)*(47/4)*(46/3)*(45/43)*(44/42) which is 1 in 15486.953. This calculates a single occurrence but there are 15 different combinations of matching 4 numbers from 6 numbers [6!/(4!*(6-4)!)], so you divide the answer by 15 to get 1 in 15486.953/15 or odds of 1 in 1032.4 of winning approximately £100
Do your chances improve playing every draw? No, because each instance of a draw happening is an independent event and it is not affected by previous draws.
This means that to be reasonably certain of winning approximately £100 I would have to play 1 line in each of 516 draws, or twice a week for just under 5 years, in the process I would have spent £1032. However, if I had saved my £2, twice a week, over the same period and not touched it, I would definitely have £516!
So that, dear readers, is why I am not going to play the lottery any more. You could argue that it is worth the cost for the thrill of the draw or that a lot of the money goes to worthy causes. Well for me the thrill has worn a bit thin and I think with the amounts involved they could give a lot more to charities, but if you decide to continue playing then good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!



How To Save Money On Your Mobile Phone

Just recently I realised that our mobile phone contracts were nearing expiry, I had 2 contracts with 3 mobile for myself and Mrs Gazza, so I decided to head to the interweb to see what deals I could find.

mobile phone sim only deal

My previous contracts were costing me £36 per month for both phones which included 300 minutes of calls, 600 texts and 1Gb of data on each phone. As we like to go away for long weekends in camping pods we usually ended up paying to get data tethering as well so we could use our tablet computers on the move. Tethering is very handy for using your phones data allowance on a larger screen by using your phones network as your internet connection, useful for checking out local attractions, the local weather reports, etc. This was costing us an extra £5 per month which was the shortest time period available.

So, I came across a deal that I reckon is hard to beat (Please leave a comment if you have found a better deal.) I was browsing on uSwitch.com and found a company that I hadn’t heard of before, LifeMoble, who were offering a sim only deal on a monthly rolling contract for only £6 per month. We were both happy with our current phones as they do everything we need, and preferred not to be tied to another lengthy contract so it sounded perfect.

I am naturally sceptical of anything that sounds perfect, so did a bit of digging around, I found that LifeMobile uses the EE network, which I had heard has a very good coverage and signal strength. I decided to call their customer service and ask a few questions.

From my experience of the call it seems that their customer service department is in the UK, this impressed me straight away. My first question was to confirm the allowances that were advertised and it was confirmed that for my £6 per month I would get 1500 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 1Gb of data. Wow, 5 times the amount of calls that I had and UNLIMITED texts, I don’t think I could use that amount if I tried! So my next question was about tethering, I was highly surprised to find that tethering is allowed with no extra cost! I was just about sold at this point.

My next questions were about leaving the contract and transferring our existing numbers to the new sim. Apparently, you can terminate at any time just by giving 30 days notice and I was given very helpful advice about getting a PAC code from my existing supplier to transfer our existing numbers. I mulled it over for a while and then took the plunge, after all, it was only going to cost me £12 for both phones, so if I got it horribly wrong and it was a rubbish provider it wouldn’t cost me a lot.

The sims arrived the next day and were activated within 48hrs. I called LifeMobile customer service again and gave them the PAC codes from the previous supplier to transfer the numbers to the new sims. I was told that this would take 24hrs to complete the transfer. In reality it took about half a day longer than stated but that is the only thing I can fault with the service from LifeMobile so far, not exactly a deal breaker.

Signal strength has been great, 3 mobile were not too bad in our area but I have noticed a definite improvement since switching. Tethering the tablet computers to the phones proved to be straight forward and reliable, apart from the slightly longer time to transfer our numbers there have been no negatives in the switch over.

So now I am only paying 1/3 of what I was with the old contracts and getting more allowance as well!


If you are approaching the end of your contract, or on a sim only deal, it maybe worth checking them out. It may be that your still tied to your contract, in which case you would have to check what your early termination fee would be to see if it would save you in the long run.

Anyway, here is a link to the deal and you can check it out for yourself, I hope you can save a few quid too. LifeMobile Sim Only Deal


Hello world!

Hello from review-stuff.com


The first programme people write in a new programming language is a version of the “Hello World” programme so it seemed appropriate to start my first blog entry with this.

So will this blog be about programming? Sorry to disappoint, but no.

I aim to share here good deals that I have found, reviews of any cool stuff I can get my hands on and discount codes that I come across.

The idea is to keep you, dear reader, informed of what is good and what is not and also to try to help you save a few pennies where possible.

So, just a short blog entry for the moment to get used to this wordpress thing. Hopefully someone might like to leave a comment to let me know that I am not alone in cyberspace!!!